Barry Farm Solar


The Barry Farm project was a great opportunity for MVE Group to use existing structures in an effort to preserve land, while designing a PV system to meet the needs of the farm.

MVE Group strives to be good stewards of our natural resources and to preserve land as much as possible when designing a solar pv system.

We have worked with the Penn State Agriculture team to learn about Agrivoltaics and how to incorporate that into our solar design. This may include planting pollinator friendly plant species underneath and around the solar panels to attract butterflies, honeybees, and other pollinators.  Installing sheep at solar arrays also helps to keep the weeds down and requires little to no mowing and weed trimming as the sheep take care of that.

To learn more about Agrivoltaics, please click HERE.

Project Details
  • System Size: 808.1 Kw
  • Solar Panels : 2,184

Our Work


Red Rose Commons – LED Lighting Upgrade
24/7 Electric Service Department
Fillmore Container – Commercial Electrical

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