Red Rose Commons – Led Lighting Upgrade


MVE Group had the opportunity to partner with the property owner of Red Rose Commons to upgrade their existing lighting to LED lighting.

Using the slider below, you will notice the difference between the new LED lighting and the existing high-pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures. The light produced by HPS bulbs tends to be a yellow/orange hue, while LED lights give off a clean bright light. One of the many benefits of LED lighting is the ability to focus the light on the areas that you need it most. This is very beneficial in helping to control light pollution.

MVE Group was able to save the property owners substantial money from the available incentives from PPL Electric Utilities. In addition to the incentives, LED lighting uses a fraction of the amount of energy to produce light and the customer will enjoy additional savings from their energy bill and little to no maintenance costs.

Project Details
  • Return on Investment: 241%
  • Annual Cost Savings: $32,047.27
  • Available Incentive: $53,140.00
  • Simple Payback: .04 Years

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Red Rose Commons – LED Lighting Upgrade
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