Switching to LED Lighting makes Dollars and Sense.

MVE Group is proud to partner with PPL and PECO to help our commercial utility customers save money.

To understand why saving our customer’s money is so important to our team, you have to understand part 3 of our core values.

 We value delivering the highest quality product by:

  • Taking pride in the quality of our work
  • Not taking shortcuts to save money at the expense of doing it right.
  •  Providing systems that are cost effective and reliable.
  • Designing for future flexibility while keeping maintenance costs in mind.
  • Being on the cutting edge of trends and technology.

Don’t make the bottom line the most important thing.

This is who MVE Group is and what drives our team to strive to be the best electrical contractor, for you.

Why should you consider switching to LED lighting in your parking lot or commercial space?

LED lighting reduces energy and maintenance costs while providing better visibility for drivers and patrons. A dim or poorly lit parking lot could lead to accidents and injuries that could be avoided with better lighting. Because of the higher brightness levels and longer life of LED lighting, you may need fewer light fixtures than if you were to use conventional lights.

In addition, LED lights are designed to distribute light more evenly, so they can be spaced out more throughout the parking lot. You could potentially need less fixtures overall and have the same level of light.

Move the slider.

The image above demonstrates what Weaver Markets looked like before and after we installed new LED fixtures. As you can see, the LED lighting improved the color temperature from a warm yellow lighting to cleaner and brighter white lighting.

Please be aware that LEDs are easier to customize as they use a computer chip to change the color temperature of the lighting. If your project requires a certain color temperature, you will find that many manufactures provide a host of lighting options.

The graphic below shows the actual lighting cost analysis and the energy savings for Weaver Markets.

Only commercial electrical contractors such as MVE Group have the ability to secure the rebates and incentives offered by the electric utility companies.

Need more proof?

MVE Group has secured more than $32,000 in rebates so far in 2022.  This is an immediate savings to our customers, lowering their out of pocket costs.  As we looked at the data from 6 LED lighting upgrades varying in size, the savings from reduced energy usage is projected to be more than $18,000 annually between those 6 projects.

In addition, those customers will save around $5,000 collectively in maintenance costs. Many of these customers are seeing an ROI (return on investment) in less then 1 year between the annual energy savings and maintenance costs.

The rebates are available for interior and exterior commercial lighting projects.

Can we help you?

Contact MVE Group to see if your business qualifies for the rebates offered by PPL and PECO.  Even if your business is not eligible for the rebates, we can still provide a free lighting cost analysis and discover your potential savings though reduced energy use and maintenance costs.

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