We did not know about the incentives . . .

Have you ever found a 40-75% off coupon after you made a purchase?

It can be not very pleasant knowing that you could have saved money, especially on a big-ticket item.

MVE Group had the opportunity to partner with the Goldenberg Group to upgrade their existing high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting to LED…for a fraction of the cost. You may know this property as the Red Rose Commons in Lancaster, Pa.

While inflation is squeezing our budgets, PPL Electric Utilities Corp and PECO offer substantial incentives to commercial customers trying to reduce their energy usage. MVE Group is an allied partner with PPL and PECO, and we have the resources to secure the incentives available to you, the customer. These incentives range from 40-75% of the project’s total cost.

This is important to note since PPL will raise the electricity cost for residential and commercial customers on December 1, 2022. Commercial customers can expect an increase of nearly 32%.

Move the slider left to see the before image with the costly HPS lamps, and then move the slider to the right to see the new energy-efficient LED fixtures.

The incentives available to the Goldenburg Group for this project were just over $53,000.

What does this mean for the customer?

A much lower out-of-pocket cost, but the savings do not stop there.

By replacing a combination of 118 HPS and metal halide lamps with LED fixtures, the annual energy savings with the current electricity rates will save the customer more than $32,000 annually. The maintenance costs associated with replacing metal halide and HPS lamps will be significantly reduced because LED fixtures come with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer and typically last longer than that.

In this scenario, the customer will see a total return on investment ROI) in .04 years or just under five months. This is a 241% ROI.

The picture below shows a new LED fixture on the left and an older fixture that uses an HPS bulb on the right. If your parking lights look like the fixture on the right, please consider contacting MVE Group to see if we help save you money.


While it is safe to assume that energy prices will continue to rise, there are a few things that MVE Group can do to help you save money.

Thermal Imaging. Our service team can perform preventive electrical maintenance for customers, including infrared scanning (also known as thermal imaging or thermal scanner) to detect potential electrical failure and other issues. Infrared scanning uses specially designed infrared still cameras to produce thermograms showing surface temperature variations.

LED Lighting. Upgrading incandescent lighting to LED will help you reduce your energy usage. MVE Group will perform a free lighting cost analysis to determine if you qualify for any of the incentives and how much energy you will save.

Solar. MVE Group is rated one of the top solar installers in the US. We can help you determine if installing a solar PV system is right for your business.

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